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[ LibreELEC v9.2 community builds for some Amlogic S805/S8X2 and S905x devices ]

How to create bootable media, start, install and update the firmware

Create bootable SD Card:
To create bootable SD card media you need to download the LibreELEC USB-SD
Creator tool from the LibreELEC website. Then click on the 'Select file'
button and browse the previously downloaded 'img.gz' disk image.

Start LibreELEC from SD Card:
If you want to boot the device from an SD Card, you need to perform
the toothpick method: disconnect the power plug, insert the prepared
SD Card on, which the image file is written (img.gz), and then press
and hold the reset button. The reset button on MXQ and M8S+ is located
behind the A/V connector, but on the KI Pro, the reset button is located
behind the hole on the bottom of the device. Reconnect the power jack while
holding down the reset button, then release it after about 3-5 seconds.

If the Android recovery menu appeared, you pressed the button for too long.

Install image from SD Card to internal memory (eMMC or onboard NAND Flash):
If you want to install the firmware into the internal memory, you need to
log in to the device via SSH and run the 'installtointernal' command.
The default password for the root user is 'libreelec'.

The command will completely overwrite the previously installed firmware,
so it will no longer be possible to boot the originally installed system.

Install an update package:
To install the update, you must copy the 'tar' file to the Update folder via
SMB, and then restart the device. The update process will start automatically
after the restart.

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