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[ LibreELEC community builds for WeTek Play device ]


- WeTek_Play -> WeTek Play (AML8726-MX, meson6 without dt-id)
Specs: Amlogic M6 SoC, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB NAND Flash, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (SMSC LAN8720A),
Tested and works on WeTek Play OpenELEC Edition box.


Version:          LibreELEC v9.2.8.5
Release date:     2022-07-23
Builds:           arm (32-bit)

Image files:      img.gz: gzip compressed sd-card image for a new installation,
                  tar: update image file,
                  zip: NAND install image (for WeTek devices only).

The device image is based on the officially supported version 9.0.2.


v9.2.8.5 (2022-07-23):
- Fix audio passthrough on aml-dummy-codec,
- Remove the previous not working audio passthrough patch,
- Fix HDMI stack and CEC functionality,
- Increase memory reservations in dtb,
- Increase amcodec rendering buffers in Kodi,
- Remove unused inputstreamhelper environment variable,
- Update time zone database to 2022a.

v9.2.8.4 (2022-06-25):
- Add SCSI generic support for USB optical drives (Direct I/O),
- Restore amlpkg creation for WeTek devices (zip),
- Fix h264 aspect ratio issue for broadcasts on PAL SD and HD Lite resolutions.

v9.2.8 (2021-07-18):
- Re-enable CPU temperature sensor in the kernel,
- Fix cputemp millidegree issue, if the kernel return value is specified in it,
- Apply an updated glibc widevine fix for v4.10.2252.0 or newer version,
- Fixed blank screen and slow channel change error (streaminfo issue).
lighttpd/1.4.49 (win64)