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[ LibreELEC community builds for some Amlogic S812 devices ]


- M8S-Plus -> OTT M8S+ and Videostrong KII (Meson8m2_KII):
Specs: Amlogic S812 SoC, 2 GB RAM, 8 GB NAND Flash, 1 Gbps Ethernet, AP6330 or BCM4335B0 WiFi.

- WeTek_Core -> WeTek Core (Meson8m2_n200C_2G)
Specs: Amlogic S812-H SoC, 2 GB RAM, 8 GB eMMC, 1 Gbps Ethernet, AP6330 WiFi.


Version:          LibreELEC v9.2.8.14
Release date:     2024-04-06
Builds:           arm (32-bit)

Working services: CPU temperature sensor,
                  Analog, S/PDIF and HDMI sound outputs,
                  Gigabit LAN (shows factory MAC address),
                  Wireless (2.4+5 GHz, Bluetooth),
                  IR remote control (amremote),
                  RF remote control (WeTek Core only),
                  NAND boot (installtointernal, amlkpg).

Driver addons:    dvb-latest.

Image files:      *.img.gz: gzip compressed sd card image for a new installation,
                  *.tar: standard update image file,
                  * NAND install image for sd card (requires extraction).


v9.2.8.14 (2023-04-06):
- update time zone database to 2024a,
- update cacert.pem to 2023-08-22,
- fix key repeat issues in dual-remote configuration.

v9.2.8.13 (2023-01-15):
- update time zone database to 2023d,
- disable CEC toast messages on all AML devices,
- replace log paste service to LibreELEC's own.

v9.2.8.12 (2023-11-20):
- update curl package to 8.4.0,
- disable update image copying when creating amlpkg,
- update OpenSSL package to 1.1.1w,
- update amremote script and add secondary config support,
- clean up bootloader scripts.

v9.2.8.11 (2023-09-11):
- add outdated addon cleanup feature to update,
- merge and improve installtointernal and rebootfromnand scripts,
- merge common linux and kodi patches for amlogic-3.10,
- add the missing bluetooth patch for M8S+,
- loading of dhd module moved to bcmdhd.service on M8S+,
- modify amlpkg and add new amlota format,
- add amlpkg support and files for M8S+ (bootloader, logo, recovery),
- minor fixes in dtb patch,
- disable kernel preemption,
- add RTL8821CU to additional drivers,
- add experimental driver support for RTL8821CU,
- update cacert.pem to 2023-08-22,
- fix operation sequence for OTA updates in amlpkg,
- update OpenSSL package to v1.1.1v.

v9.2.8.10 (2023-07-18):
- fix socket permission issues,
- add keymap support for OSMC RF remote controls,
- backport persistent logs and journal support,
- update OpenSSL package to v1.1.1u and cacert.pem to 2023-05-30.

v9.2.8.9 (2023-05-26):
- update time zone database to 2023c.

v9.2.8.8 (2023-04-03):
- add WeTek RF Remote hwdb info and layout patches,
- update OpenSSL package to 1.1.1t,
- add support for Realtek RTL8153 USB 3.0 adapters,
- fix LE icon location in settings menu on Estuary skin.

v9.2.8.7 (2023-01-22):
- rewrite WeTek RF remote control implementation and replace the inherited keyset,
- fix many remote key events (e.g. Homescreen, Playback controls, etc.),
- update cacert.pem to 2023-01-10,
- enable auto update support for all projects,
- update time zone database to 2022g,
- update OpenSSL package to v1.1.1s.

v9.2.8.6 (2022-09-04):
- remove amcodec buffer increase patch,
- update OpenSSL to 1.1.1q and cacert.pem to 2022-07-19,
- update time zone database to 2022c,
- remove key swap on virtual keyboard on M8S+ (ESC/Backspace),
- replace autoscript-amlogic and relocate boot scripts,
- fix build for some game-related packages and add them to the repository.

v9.2.8.5 (2022-07-23):
- Optimize custom keymap layout on,
- Increase amcodec rendering buffers in Kodi,
- Kernel reconfiguration to improve stability,
- Add model name and family to cpuinfo,
- Remove startfromusb option from aml_autoscript,
- Remove unused inputstreamhelper environment variable,
- Update time zone database to 2022a.

v9.2.8.4 (2022-06-25):
- Add SCSI generic support for USB optical drives (Direct I/O),
- Restore amlpkg creation for WeTek devices (zip),
- Fix h264 aspect ratio issue for broadcasts on PAL SD and HD Lite resolutions.

v9.2.8.3 (2021-11-05):
- Unify multichannel audio patch for all AML devices,
- Disable external mali driver for all meson8*,
- Fix additional wireless drivers in options,
- Fix sd card boot issue via toothpick method,
- Fix playback freeze issues.

v9.2.8.2 (2021-09-12):
- Restore whitelist patch to fix cadence-correct playback problems (eg. 23.976 and 29.97 fps),
- Disable all Realtek SDIO and USB wifi/bluetooth adapter drivers in kernel,
- Enable some external Realtek USB wifi adapter drivers,
- Fix the new LibreELEC repository location.

WeTek Core only changes:
- The kernel has been replaced from the official (LE) to the kszaq-based,
- Some disabled things have been enabled in kernel (e.g. CPU temperature, watchdog timer, etc.),
- The HDMI-CEC now works properly,
- The 'u-boot-tools-aml' package added to image (fw_printenv, fw_setenv),
- Audio output configuration changed (based on S8X2).

v9.2.8.1 (2021-08-14):
- Fix 2160p resolutions support in amlogic-3.10 kernel.

v9.2.8 (2021-07-18):
- Add an option to override power off in Kodi (workaround for the uboot power bug),
- Fix cputemp millidegree issue, if the kernel return value is specified in it,
- Apply an updated glibc widevine fix for v4.10.2252.0 or newer version.

v9.2.7 (2021-06-02):
- Apply widevine fix for v4.10.2252.0 or newer version,
- Restore previously removed drivers and firmwares (S8X2 and S905),
- Remove wireguard restrictions from all Meson8* projects.

v9.2.6 (2021-04-02):
- Add TBS5520SE patch to the dvb-latest package,
- Add dvb-latest driver package support,
- Unnecessary wifi drivers removed from S8X2 project,
- Fixed playback freeze when it is stopped or rewind/forward is used,
- Fixed blank screen and slow channel change error (streaminfo issue),
- IPv6 support restored in kernel,
- Fixed no-sound issue on analog output via AV jack,
- M8S+ remote config and keymap has been replaced with Mecool K-Series remote,
- Simplification of the S812 poweroff method,
- Remove 16-bit floating point restriction from S8X2 project.
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